About Us

About Us

ETFscale.com provides Robo-Advisor tools to financial advisors, institutions, and financially savvy DIY investors.

These tools help asset managers in finding out if they are getting superior risk-adjusted returns. Fund and portfolio replication tools give them the ability to determine if their strategy is passively replicable with lost cost ETFs. We also provide diversification score and asset allocator tools. The combined power of these tools helps advisors offer good financial advice to their clients. Until recently, these sophisticated tools were only accessible to institutional investors who pay thousands of dollars in advanced financial software programs for this kind of analysis. Now the power of Internet has brought these tools to the DIY investors at a fraction of the cost to institutional investors.

Our Team

Mike Sharko

Lead Technical Developer

Mike Sharko is the lead technical devleoper for ETFscale. He has been doing front-end web development for the last 10 years. He finished his Bachelors Degree from St. Petersburg University.